Welcome to Brett Turner Photography

Brett Turner Photography provides Photographic and Video services to corporate clients and individuals for advertizing, retail and instructional needs.

Services Overview


Photography is my first love. I was fortunate to learn in days immediately preceding the digital revolution. My camera did not even need batteries and Photoshop was a dark room with a safelight. However as pixels replaced silver and a monitor's glow replaced the tired red bulb I grew with the industry. Now my experience and training allows me to get the photo I want right in the camera and enhance with the computer.
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My work in video production happened almost by accident. A client needed a problem solved and I am not one to say that something is impossible. I studied broadcast journalism in college and have become proficient as shooting and editing digital video. For the last year we have been at the forefront industry, using vDSLRs to create High Definition promotional and instructional videos. All in house and in a cost effective manner.
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Sometimes a company needs a project done in a self contained way, start to finish and delivered on time. We do that. Sometimes a company needs solutions to ongoing problems and someone to be on call at a moments notice. We do that too.
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