Brett Turner

I grew up reading comics and watching cartoons.

In them Bugs Bunny sang opera, quoted Shakespeare and matched The Three Stooges for slapstick comedy. In rectangles on news print pages Batman walked a fine line between honor and melodrama, and Superman just couldn't seem to find a strong enough punching bag. Those four color worlds were are often called simple, but they were the proving grounds on which the art of visual story telling was honed. The ideals, values, lessons they contained would have gone unheeded with out a great deal of art and skill.

For art, I can't even compete with my youngest son. He draws and tells stories and creates worlds on paper. These things are beyond me; however, skill I have. I have for nearly twenty years tried to fit the world I see in to a rectangle and share it with others. To that end I have voraciously sought the training, information, and equipment to continually improve my talents and make better looking rectangles to say things I could not otherwise express.

My son will no doubt someday eclipse any skill I have now, just as he beats my video game scores. But on the other hand, you need a great photographer now, and I am available at reasonable rates.

Credits include newspapers, magazines, books, videos, and websites. I am a published author on the subject of cameras and lighting. My experience in video is rooted in broadcast journalism and live events but has most recently taken the form of instructional videos which I directed, shot, edited, and also (somewhat reluctantly) preformed the voice over.